Sublime Refresh

Last week my daughter and I were lucky enough to enjoy a Mother-Daughter Girls Getaway with two wonderful friends from our small town. We went to the Northern Peninsula of the Dominican Republic and stayed at a resort called “Sublime Samana”.

And it was.


I did not know how much my brain ached for a jolt of inspiration until I stepped onto the beach and saw the incredible palette of blues and greens offset by the honey colored sand in the sunlight.


In the rain the palette transformed  –  gray ribbons of damp sand perfectly echoed the indigo horizon of mountains and fog.
I wanted to weave the rolling stripes of sea and sand, hill and sky into a subtle bargello – a sleepy Ikat calmed by the warm rain and thick silence of the empty beach.

It was four heavenly days of empty quiet punctuated by the sound of the rolling waves, some pattering rain, and long lovely conversations and silences shared between friends – and mothers and daughters – and friends. No schedule, no clock, no urgency – just the bending pattern of each day unfurling in harmony to the whim of the weather.

mystery footprints in the sand

mystery footprints in the sand

sideward scamper

sideward scamper


The velvet spines of the sand dollar leave a fleeting effigy in the sand

It was hard to decide where to focus – on the expanse of the sea, or the perfection in miniature – tiny shells that were diminutive lessons in the miracle of nature.

We did both.

Sunset Shell Seeking

Sunset Shell Seeking

I looked only for little ones – nothing bigger than a fingernail –



the tinier the better


Some dressed in a rainbow of tattersall – the little businessmen of the sea, not one alike


My favorites were the “rubies”


little pink pillows that would be so beautiful dangling staccato from a delicate gold chain

It was hard to leave – I wanted to drink in the inspiration and carry it home with me. The shells are my prize, and even they could not leave paradise empty-handed as they claimed their own gifts from the sea


To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand

And Eternity in an Hour



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