Wonderful Welcome to 2015

This morning I woke up to greet the New Year and found the most wonderful surprise tied to the bottom of our mailbox in a plain manilla envelope with a simple red ribbon


A Love Poem From a Neighbor

A Love Poem From a Neighbor

There was no note, no return address, no identifying marks at all.

Who composed this surprise salutation?  What artist has  secretly penned this marvelous compliment to our house?

I am thoroughly intrigued and utterly perplexed!

What a delightful way to wake to the new year! I have been beaming all day – whoever you are – Thank You! We are humbled by your mysterious kindness and will certainly aim to emulate your gracious geniality throughout the year!  Such a lovely tone you have set for the year –


This is the poem –

A Love Poem Form A Neighbor

There were swans on the pond

in South Hamilton

But number 14 Bridge Street

had a pig on the doorstep,

Turtles on the picket fence

and Rabbits and Squirrels

and a pink

Christmas Tree!

Doors painted green

and Rose and Blue,

Boxwoods in intricate


Who lives in this yellow


Beatrix Potter?

A Fairy Princess?

A Reformed

Bride of Frankenstein?
It is a gift Box

This house

Decked in Ribbons

and Bows.

Not just for Christmas

But for Mondays

And Rainy Days

And Blue Jays

And All God’s Creatures

Lucky enough







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