When Time Adjourns

DSC_0248I love this particular week of the year. Time is suspended between Christmas and New Years and you can catch your breath. Nowhere to go, no rushing, no wrapping, no last minute treasures to buy, no run to the market for that missing ingredient.  Just pendulous time.  The usual bustle of a weekend gives way to a genuine pause when you can linger on the memories of last year, and savor the hopeful promise of a new one.

In fact, this plumping of time really begins on Christmas morning – the day doubles in size and goes on and on expanding to accommodate all the love, family and festivity that is reserved for this exalted day of the year. It seems to be the one day that really DOES slow down, you want it to last forever and it almost does. The usual idiom “time flies when you’re having fun” is trumped by a tangible distention of time. On almost any other occasion that you want to hold perpetual the moments rush forward unremitting. But not this week. Christmas night unravels into the day after, and then the next day after each swollen with luxurious hours. Time to read, or rest, or visit or

simply. just. be.

Isn’t it extraordinary that the days can be so expansive with the littlest light?



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